Classic Scones

Classic Scones

Flavours from Cornwall. 



● 500g plain flour

● 15g baking powder

● Pinch of salt

● 100g caster sugar

● 100g diced butter

● 250ml milk


 Tala Yellow Mixing Bowl 

Tala Originals Sugar Shaker

Tala Performance Baking tray 34cm x 24cm

Tala Set of 3 Pastry Cutters 

Tala Pastry Brush 

Tala Performance Stainless Steel Butter Knife 



● Heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. Tip the flour into the stoneware mixing bowl with a pinch of salt and the baking powder, then mix.

● Add the butter, rubbing in with your fingers until the mix looks like fine crumbs. Stir in the caster sugar.

● Make a well in the dry mix, then add the milk and combine it quickly with the butter knife.

● Scatter some flour onto the work surface and tip the dough out. Knead briefly until smooth, then pat out to a thickness of 4cm.

● Dip the cutter into some flour. Smooth-edged cutters tend to cut more cleanly and give a better rise. Push into the dough, repeating until all the dough has been used. You may need to press what’s left of the dough back into a round to get the most from it.

● Transfer the scones to a baking tray. Brush lightly with milk and bake for 15 minutes, until well risen and golden. Best eaten warm, generously topped with jam, clotted cream and a dusting of icing sugar

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