Big Eyebrows

Big Eyebrows

Without a doubt, big bushy eyebrows have been the ultimate fashion accessory in 2015. To achieve this look, it’s important to let your eyebrow hairs flourish and grow, conditioning and moisturising as required, but it is just as important to gently shape and trim your eyebrows with a pair of professional tweezers as they develop.

Which Shape is best for Your Brows?

It is well worth taking the time to shape and define your eyebrows, as they frame and balance your face. 


Tweezing Face Guide

Which Tweezers are best for the Job?


The tweezers you use are of the utmost importance. Manicare tweezers have been designed with that little extra thought. Read our Tweezing Guide below to find out how to get the best results for you:


Which Colour?

Fair Hair: Try out our gunmetal range of tweezers, which contrast the light hairs against the dark metal finish, making them easier to identify and pluck

Dark Hair: Try our gold tipped tweezers, which contrast darker hairs against the brighter gold finish


Which Type?

Pointed Tweezers: Excellent for applying false eyelashes and removing ingrown hairs 
Slanted Tweezers: Ideal for removing brow hairs
Flat / Triple X Tweezers: Perfect for removing coarse, stubborn and smaller hairs


Manicare’s Top Tweezing Tips


1)      First, take an eyebrow pencil to define the shape that you want – this will be your best guide and will help prevent any over-plucking disasters in your quest for gorgeous full, thick brows!

2)      Grab a magnifying mirror – so that you can see really close up

3)      Using your Manicare Tweezers, take your time to gently pluck any hairs, one by one, that are not inside the lines

4)      Once you finish plucking, brush all your eyebrow hairs upwards using an eyebrow brush, and minimally trim hairs that break the natural line with some small scissors

5)      Brush hairs back to their natural direction, and moisturise your brows to keep them conditioned. Relax and enjoy! Try not to put on makeup straight away, give your brows a chance to recuperate. 


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