How to choose the right mop for you

How to choose the right mop for you

How to choose the right mop for you

Mopping is the best way to truly get your floors so clean you could eat off of them. But how do you choose the right mop for you? This depends on your type of flooring, as well as the area in the home you are cleaning.

Before you start mopping…
Here’s a tip; first use a floor duster to completely clear your floors of dust. A vacuum cleaner will not collect quite as much dust as a static dust cloth will, plus they are easier to use. Use a floor duster with dust cloths in order to clear away dust and hairs. This makes mopping afterwards much more effective.

Heavy duty filth
Do you need to do a lot of scrubbing, for instance in the kitchen or the shed? You might want to use a deck scrub brush. This brush can be attached to any broom handle, and is ideal for scrubbing away heavy duty filth or grime. After scrubbing, use a floor squeegee with a cotton mop cloth to get your floors gleaming bright as new.

Traditional mop head, or mop cloth?
When looking for the right mop, you’ll find that there are many different types to choose from. You can choose a classic cotton mop head with a built-in wringer, or you can go for a viscose flat mop. The difference is that a cotton mop holds more water. This helps loosen filth from the floor, making sure to get it extra clean. A traditional mop is therefore ideal for the kitchen or the bathroom.

A flat mop is more suited for the living room. This type of floor cleaner is very suited for cleaning sensitive floors, such as wooden floors. The flat mop does not hold as much water. This means the floor doesn’t get too wet, plus it will also dry faster. A flat floor cleaner also prevents the forming of rings or stripes on the floor.

Ease of use with Sorbo Premium
The high quality label Sorbo Premium contains a number of very handy floor cleaners. For instance, we have the Spray mop: this cleaner comes with a built-in reservoir tank, which is ideal for storing suds or other cleaning liquid. This mop lets you avoid using a bucket – great for when unexpected guests come over and you still want to clean up quickly.

The Quick Click handle by Sorbo can be attached to several different mop heads, both traditional and flat ones. The viscose or cotton mop heads are ideal for the bathroom or the kitchen, while the microfibre mop cloth works best for the living room.

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