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Queen Icing Bag Set

Queen Icing Bag Set


Queen Icing Bag Set

It's Cupcake Week and if you only buy one baking item this week, better make it our gorgeous Queen Icing Bag Set, with everything you need to decorate a cake or cupcakes and it is also perfect for choux pastry and meringues.

The set comprises a beautiful storage tin complete with two piping bags, a bigger one for buttercream, choux pastry or meringue which can be fitted with three different large piping nozzles. The smaller piping bag is useful for royal icing or finely piped buttercream and this bag also comes with three small nozzles and an icing coupler. The handy coupler allows you to swap over nozzles easily for a different piping effect without the mess and fuss of having to scoop all the icing from the first piping bag into a second bag with a different nozzle. The set also includes a booklet with advice on piping styles you can achieve with the the various nozzles, as well as tips and recipes for meringue, choux pastry and royal icing.

Piping tips:

  • Make sure the cupcakes are completely cool before you start to decorate them.
  • Work quickly, piping batches of 4 or 5 cupcakes in one go so that you can sprinkle them before the icing crusts over – you want to decorate your cakes, not the work surface!
  • Have sprinkles to hand in open pots and ready to go.
  • Make your buttercream as soft as possible – soften in the microwave, if you have to (try gentle 5-second blasts on 'low').
  • Don't be tempted to over-fill the bag as the icing can squeeze out of the open end!
  • Practice piping on a plate to begin with until you feel really confident.


Buttercream piping for beginners

You will need:

  1. Queen Set
  2. A batch of buttercream (link to buttercream
  3. A batch of beautiful freshly baked cupcakes to decorate. Click here for one of my good basic sponge recipes (


Classic Ice Cream Cone swirl 

  1. Drop the large open star tip (S4) into the piping bag, and fill the bag with buttercream.
  2. Push the buttercream downwards and twist the bag so that it can't escape out of the top!
  3. Hold the bag with both hands, one holding it just above the nozzle, the other hand on top, stopping the bag from untwisting.
  4. Start at the edge of one cupcake and, with smooth even pressure, piped a spiral around and upwards, finishing in a confident peak in the centre (pic).
  5. To create a sharp peak, apply pressure and smartly pull upwards and away.


Rose swirl  

  1. Drop the large closed star tip into the piping bag and fill as before.
  2. This time, begin the swirl at the centre, spiralling outwards towards the outside edge of the cupcake.
  3. When you have finished the swirl, drag the tip downwards to cut off the flow of icing and create a neat finish.

Daisy head 

  1. Drop the large open tip into the piping bag and fill as before.
  2. Practice making teardrop shapes by squeezing a pearl of icing and dragging away and downwards to cut off the flow of icing.
  3. Prepare the surface of the cupcake with a smooth coating of buttercream (a contrasting colour works well) applied with a palette knife.
  4. Pipe teardrop shapes onto the top of the cupcake, rotating the cake slightly after each shape so that the teardrops resemble petals meeting in the centre.
  5. Pipe the centre with another pearl of icing or pipe small pearls using the small nozzle (2) in the Queen Set.



Royal icing piping for more experienced decorators

The Queen Icing Bag Set also contains three smaller nozzles, a coupler and a smaller icing bag which are ideal for piping with royal icing. Make up a batch of royal icing according to the packet instructions and store it in an air-tight tub, the Tala Push & Push boxes are perfect for the job. 

  1. Cover your cupcakes with sugar paste circles (for more detailed instructions see:
  2. Fit the smaller icing bag with the coupler and your preferred nozzle.
  3. Fill the bag with royal icing and twist to secure the bag.
  4. Pipe dots and lines with nozzle 2, scrolls and stars with nozzle 24 and lovely shell border patterns with nozzle 98, changing nozzles whenever you want to by unscrewing the coupler and fitting the desired nozzle.


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