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The Humble Hero

The Humble Hero

An egg is a key part of every diet and is one of the simplest foods to prepare.  It can be a meal on its own or a part of ensemble of ingredients that have come together to form a nutritious meal that everyone can enjoy. From the tempting egg curry to a simple scrambled egg, from the humble boiled egg to the glorious egg and cress sandwich, Tala celebrate the simple ingredient that plays a big part in our day to day lives and support British Egg Week.

While there will be much enjoyment in the kitchen from a variety of egg recipes, Tala are celebrating our egg rack that has been a key feature in kitchens since the 1930s. It is a kitchen essential and is the perfect gift for a budding cook. The beautifully designed egg rack is still in the same design as the original product and still lovingly handmade by a skilled team in Oldham, England. Shaun, Shane, Terry and Christian are part of a special team that put in great effort and time to make the unique egg racks that can be seen in stores all over the country. It can be purchased in the warm cream colour or the deep blue and is made to blend into every kitchen with ease.

Tala has a great history of supporting British and puts every effort into sourcing strong, well made products for clients and consumers. 

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