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Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

At last, Spring has arrived! Open the windows and let in some fresh air; as it's time to give your home a thorough Spring Clean-out, so that you are well and truly prepared for the warmer months.

Always remember to clean your house top to bottom; it’s possibly the number one rule of effective housekeeping. So let’s start at the top!

1)     Before even starting, how clean are your cleaning tools?! Make sure you start with hygienic and clean tools; otherwise you will just be moving dust and dirt around your home

Pristine Cleaning Tools from Tala Utility

2)      Dust and clean light bulbs & fittings, using a feather or lamb’s wool duster and afterwards wiping clean with a damp microfibre cloth

Quality Tala Utility Feather Duster

3)      Wipe down and pack away any mobile heaters – you won’t be needing those for a while! Get out your fans; they should have been stored in a lovely clean condition from your previous autumn clean-up (though you can always wipe down briefly to get rid of any pesky dust)

4)      Do you need to launder your curtains? If so, check the care instructions, wash, line dry and iron as needed for a super fresh start to Spring

Laundry with Wooden Pegs

5)     An essential element of any Spring Clean, thoroughly wash your windows, inside and out if you can. A bucket, squeegee, and some microfibre cloths will do just the trick. Remember to dry them with clean cloths or towels to avoid water marks

Elliott Turquoise Squirting Squeegee

6)      Freshly wash and pack away your winter wardrobe. Find all of your summer clothes and accessories and let them air on the line outside before you wear them again, so that they smell fresh

7)      The same goes for your bedding; wash and pack away your winter duvets and blankets, visiting a dry cleaner if needed, and fetch your lighter summer duvet and top sheets, ensuring that you air them thoroughly before use

8)     Set aside time to thoroughly clean your major appliances (fridge-freezer, washing machine etc. and of course don’t forget to descale your kettle)

Chef Aid Kettle Descaler

*** Top spring cleaning tip: leave out bowls of bicarbonate of soda or chopped lemons for delightful fresh scents***

9)    This is the ideal time to check over best by dates in your cupboards (both on food, medication, personal care and cleaning products) and throw out anything that is no longer fit for consumption; a proper Spring Clean means cleaning every element of your home

10)    On that note, do you have a pile of paperwork that you have been ignoring for a while? Now is the time to sort through and organise that

11)    Remember to thoroughly vacuum, sweep and mop the floors regularly over the coming months, as you and your loved ones are more likely to be wandering around barefoot 

Lovely Tala Utility Home Cleaning Collection Teal

12)   Get out your barbeque and outdoor furniture, giving them a quick wipe down as needed

13)   Ensure your gardening tools & accessories are within easy reach, ready to prime and trim your garden this Spring, ready for all of those fabulous garden parties!  

Elliott Citronella Garden Candle

For more top cleaning tips click here to read our Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Checklist!

Autumnal Corn Broom - Ultimate Autumn Cleaning Checklist

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